Club rules

As with any club or organisation, there has to be a set of rules.

Constitution: The club’s constitution was drawn-up by the committee. If you would like a copy, please ask Secretary.

Resubmissions: Photos may be entered for a second time, but they will not count towards grading. Unless the photo received a “NO Award” at the 1st meeting.

Fees: Fees are payable at the first meeting in August. Half year is February and later
R130 pp entering photos (family and half year specials available)

Tea duty roster: The names will be in the newsletter, it is done alphabetically. You will be responsible for snacks/eats & milk; set-up & clean-up.

Equipment owned: Light box
Kettle; Cable/extension
Cutlery: Cups, glasses, saucers, teaspoons, dishcloths, mugs will be donated
Library books

Vice president – Not needed yet for full position – Secretary will for stand in

Prints to enter:

How many prints may I enter?

4 + 1 set subject

The 4 – do they have to be different categories, but if will make you a more accomplished photographer if you enter into more than 1 category (e.g. not only pictorial but some nature as well)

Can I enter more than one photo of a specific set subject?

Yes, but this will then be one of the 4 that you entering

What will happen in the rare case if judging is skipped for a month?

Then we as club will give you an opportunity to enter 2 set subjects at the next club meeting.

Can I enter any of my previous work?

Yes and No
• Any prints that has previous been entered into any camera club (local or up country) may not be entered again for points
• BUT any previous prints that you have corrected according to the judge’s recommendations may be entered, but this will not be considered for points towards your star level. But please bring these prints so that we can discuss and evaluate these
• As committee we prefer that photos are less than 10 years old, but you may ask the committee for exceptions (e.g. for financial or time reasons)
• National Salons: If a photo is accepted in more than 1 salon, the salon points will only be accounted towards your star rating twice. International Salons: Same apply on top off national salon points
What about digital manipulation vs. adjustments?

This is what PSSA published:

Digital Manipulation
Digital manipulation is an accepted part of photography. The original image must have been made by the exhibitor on a recognized camera and all modification of that original must be made by the exhibitor or under his personal directions. For the purpose of telling a true story (not manipulated), images in Nature, Photojournalism and Photo-travel may not be manipulated.

What are acceptable digital adjustments?

The following will not be considered as digital manipulation:
a) Removal of dust and scratch marks on scanned images or spots from dust particles on the CCD/CMOS sensors of digital cameras. Specific lens/sensor aberrations such as chromatic aberrations and purple fringing may also be corrected/removed.
b) Adjustment of exposure and contrast, including dodging and burning.
c) Adjustment/correction of the colour balance. This can either be done by selecting an appropriate white balance during the conversion of RAW images, or by adding/subtracting colours in the photo editing software. The post-capture application of digital colour correction filters like warming or cooling filters, similar to the 81 and 82 series of filters, is also allowed.
d) Application of colour saturation. Non-selective saturation that is applied to the whole image is permissible.
e) Reduction of digital noise, especially in high ISO images from digital cameras, or film grain in scanned images.
f) Sharpening of the image. All modern sharpening algorithms and techniques such as edge-sharpening, luminance sharpening and mode sharpening is permissible.
g) Cropping and resizing is permissible.

Criteria for Points Awarded & Club Advancements according to PSSA

1 Star
~ Correct Exposure ~ In Focus
~ Element of composition ~ Picture clean and well presented

2 Star
~ Correct Exposure ~ In Focus
~ Composition ~ Some Impact
~ Picture clean and well presented
~ Some knowledge of when and how to crop

3 Star
~ Correct Exposure ~ In Focus
~ Impact ~ Picture clean and well presented
~ Composition – should begin to show an understanding of the importance of lines shapes and form
~ Knowledge of when and how to crop

4 Star
~ Should show a full grasp of all the above principles and should show work of entry level national salon standard

5 Star
~ National salon standard plus entry level International Salon standard

Points Awarded
Club COM 5 points National Salon Acceptance 1 point
Club Month winner 4 points National Salon COM 2 points
Club Gold 3 points National Salon Medal 3 points
Club Silver 2 points International Salon Acceptance 2 points
Club Bronze 1 point International Salon COM 3 points
International Salon Medal 4 points
How to move from a Star to next star level

Audio Visual Show guidelines – compiled by Tom Prins:
• Try to convey a message or story or keep to 1 theme
• I prefer either horizontal or vertical format, but not in a combination. The best results with digital is the horizontal format
• Look at the images’ contrast – try and select a smooth flow from dark to light and visa versa
• Synchronize your music or audio tract to start and stop with the duration of your show. Change over could be dramatic and creative
• Limit your “fancy” change over effects… it might be distracting
• Limit motion effects or zooming effects, be creative
• Keep it short, less than 4min. Short AV sometimes have more impact
• Keep it simple – the individual images doesn’t need to be salon quality, but should be of a reasonable standard
• I change my files sizes to 1024 x 768 jpeg. Tiff and large format files tend to hang up the system.
Definitions of Categories – as per PSSA

Photojournalism entries shall consist or story telling pictures or sequences such as are seen in the news media, including human interest, documentary and spot news. The journalistic value of the photograph shall be weighed more than the pictorial quality.

Contemporary photography may be defined as the concept that stimulates the mind of the viewer to interpret the message conveyed through the creative use of line, form and colour. This definition specifically includes computer generated/manipulated images.
Altered reality
Any Photoshop editing is allowed – be creative. But the original photo(s) must have been taken by you the editor of the image, i.e. everything must be your handiwork!

A nature picture is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict observations from all branches of natural history except Anthropology and Archaeology, in such a fashion that a well formed person will be able to identify the subject material and to certify to its honest presentation. The story telling value of a photo must be weighed more than the pictorial quality. Human elements shall not be present unless, on the rare occasion where human elements enhance the story, they are unobtrusive.

Pictorial entries include all the subject material, which is not already defined for other salon categories for e.g. nature, photo travel, etc.

How to resize & Save Files

How to resize and Save files for the digital competition – for all entrants!
After you have completed all adjustments you wish to make to your image, follow the following procedure, and your image will be saved at the best projection and e-mail settings:

sRGB: Convert your image to sRGB.
This will appear in different places on different Photo editing Programs.
In Photoshop Elements: Image > Convert colour profile > Apply sRGB
In Photoshop CS: Edit > Convert to Profile > drop down menu choose SRGB

Resizing: Now resize the image.
Adjust the width and height by pixel adjustment. All images must be within these parameters:
– For landscape (i.e. a picture is wider than it is tall) 1024 x 768
– For portrait (i.e. a picture is taller than it is wide) 768 x 1024

Saving and Naming

When you are saving, the first window to appear is the ‘Save As’ window and will allow you type in the name of the file.
It is very important that you save the file in the following way
Personal number-star rating-picture title-category-name & surname

The following abbreviations must be used for the category:-
Pictorial- p / Photo Journalism- pj / Nature- n /
Altered Reality- ar / Set subject- ss
A Maximum of 5 images may be submitted
Note: there are NO spaces between dashes and letters. The only spaces occur between the first and surname and the words of the title)
• 03-02-Brother and Sister-P-John Smith.jpg

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